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Two days’ workshop for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Students

VGENIUST is the world’s number one Intrinsic Brain Training Institute and is endorsed and VGENIUST IMMENSITY approved by the Ministry of Education.

You deserve to be a happy parent with happy children!
‘‘Unlock Your Child’s Intelligence’’ with the 7 seven secrets in 7 minutes

1.    Brain Activeness-Ever active mind
2.    Resetting Mind- Able to set new and higher goals
3.    Focus and Concentration- Greater attention
4.    Creativity-in academic, sports and other activities
5.    Memory Power- natural recalling ability
6.    Stabilizing both brains-activating 360° intelligence
7.    Alpha Level Mind- relaxed mood with higher awareness

With VGENIUST, you are assured of mid brain activation and personalized brain development and monitoring.

Does your child lack memory, alertness, confidence, security, self-awareness or interest in studies? Do you always have to constantly remind your child? Does your child show poor performance, studying difficulties, ADHD or impulsivity? You do not need to worry! With VGENIUST, your child will be able to achieve INSTANT and EVERLASTING brain development.

VGENIUST offers non motivational and practical techniques that are designed to bring the best out of your child to promote personal excellences and to self-regulate the individual’s mind, emotion, behaviour, attitude and character.

Following the VGENIUST training, your child will gain several skills that promote brain development such as –
•    Your child will have a 90% increased interest in studies
•    Increase of memory power by 60%
•    Increase in brain activeness by 68%
•    Your child will be able to complete homework without supervision
•    Eradicate your child’s negative behaviour.
•    Increase his/her concentration, alertness and focus by 85%.
•    Improved decision making skills

Take your child to VGENIUST and let him/her enjoy the benefits that will make you a proud parent. With VGENIUST
•    Your child will be provided with notes and workbooks
•    Your child be taught the seven secrets rhythm techniques
•    Your child will be taught goal settings for both academics and sports
•    Their work will be reviewed for free for 3 hours.
•    Their autonomic behaviour moderation and development monitoring and guidance are guaranteed.
This is the best place to take your child to!

VGENIUST doesn’t think of benefitting your child alone, but also factor you as a parent. As a parent, you will be offered
•    free parental workshop on stress free parenting
•    coaching and counselling
•    food management guide
•    a guide to enhanced parenting satisfaction.
Apart from these, you will be able to earn an internationally recognised certificate.
Make inquiries through the website: www.vgeniust.com or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Early Bird Offer
Register 30 days before the workshop to enjoy a 10% discount on the registration fee!

Tujuh (7) Teknik Untuk Menguatkan Minda
•    Meningkatkan Daya Ingatan
•    Kreativiti
•    Fokus dan Konsentrasi
•    Mengimbangi Otak kiri and kanan
•    Menentukan hala tuju dan menentukan misi baru yang lebih besar
•    Menenangkan fikiran

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