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Since 2007 our testimony are increasing from various part of Malaysia and world.

I was previously engaged in unproductive activities such as computer & video games which resulted in mental agitation. Fortunately, I attended VGENIUST workshop and practiced The Seven Secrets Rhythm techniques for the past two months. I am happy that I have greatly improved in concentration, focus and memory power. The VGENIUST techniques have changed my unproductive habit and have led to increased interest in studying and I am sure I will do better in academics, food management and sports.

Ms. Beh, Port Klang, 8A’s in PMR (2013)

I received several benefits from VGENIUST workshop like waking up early in the morning by 5am, getting relaxed and studying without stress, recalling answers in an exam hall and have become more skillful in playing badminton. I realized that practical teaching helps students overcome forgetfulness during exams and improve on their memory. The VGENIUST practical techniques are wonderful; result oriented and increases your brain power. With VGENIUST program, you will realize and experience 360° that better studying is actually fun & easiest for students.  I would like to express my gratitude to VGENIUST and trainer Elan.

Mr. Thiva, Kedah, 7A’s PMR 2013

This is a valuable training that I have been practicing with my children and have made them improve greatly in their academics as well as co-curriculum activities.

Dr. Hamidah Bt Alus (Mrs.), SMK Abdul Rahman Talib, Kuantan Pahang, Mother of Student, (2011)

I was scoring reasonably well in my studies before the VGENIUST workshop, but had lots of stress due to long hours I spent studying. By practicing The Seven Secrets Rhythm I learnt from the workshop, I am relieved from stress. I am happy and enjoy my studies. I used to consider biology as one of the toughest subject and always got average marks, but after the VGENIUST workshop, I am able to understand biology better and miraculously obtained a grade A. I have begun playing badminton with better skills and enjoy balancing student’s life and childhood time.  The VGENIUST techniques have improved my brain capacity as well as tuning its frequency. I am currently waiting for a full scholarship entrance to the National Defense University of Malaysia.

Mr. Jaya Nivashana Rao, Form 5 Science 1, SMK Sultan Badlisha, Kulim, 10As, 7A+’s & 3A’s in SPM (2013)

I got low marks in Mandarin and Kemahiran Hidup and lost hope of doing well in the PMR exams for the year 2013. I attended a VGENIUST workshop in September 2013 as a last resort with the aim of improving in my studies. After the workshop, I had a tremendous improvement in my studies within two weeks. I made a remarkable improvement in creativity, cognitive skills, and outdoor activities and now have a better perception on natural lifestyle. I can now interact better with my friends and teachers. I would recommend this workshop to all students and especially those going to sit for their final exams.

Ms. Ooi, Port Klang, 5A’s, 1B’s, 2C’s, in PMR (2013)

VGENIUST has the ability and power to produce world-class graduates in Malaysia. This is a unique training that will improve brain power and benefits academics and sports. It is recommended that you attend all the training lectures.

En. Bazuri B Ab Ghan, Pahang Malaysia, Kolej Komuniti Paya Besar, Pengarah, (2010)

VGENIUST has a remarkable improvement in enhancing memory, focus and concentration. Practicing the techniques learnt has helped me so much during my pilot study. VGENIUST has changed my life and its results are overwhelming.

Mr. Michael Sobolewaki, Metropolitan State University of Denver USA, Engineer & Pilot, (2009)


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